AGAPE Kids Classic

I am pleased to be sponsoring the 15th Annual AGAPE Kids Classic Golf tournament on May 18th benefiting the children and families served by AGAPE. Find out more about this amazing ministry at

This tournament is dear to me because of my own adoption story. I was born in Tehran, Iran, to an American mother and an Iranian father. Quickly after my birth, my mother, brother and myself came under many levels of abuse from our father and she had to get us out of our home. I am forever indebted to her.

But an even larger narrative was playing here. My mother met and married a man who became the father I needed. He has provided for us generously, has taught and modeled Jesus to us, and has taken us all over America playing competitive golf. I do not have room or words to describe how much more he has done for our family.

I would love to have you join me by donating. It costs $36 a day to care for a foster child. You can partner with me in providing for an AGAPE foster child by clicking here.

Sometimes I think I’m living a dream with the life I have now. Sometimes I feel guilty because I have been blessed so abundantly. AGAPE is so much larger than this golf tournament and this tournament is AGAPE’s main lifeline. It is life giving.

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